Who We Are

Welcome! We are Cambridge Schools Eco Council, a group of young people who meet once a month on a Saturday to discuss the climate crisis and how we can tackle it. We work with other organisations to plan the monthly YouthStrike4Climate protests.

The Cambridge Schools Eco Council was set up by a group of primary and secondary school students in February 2019, just after the first international YouthStrike4Climate. Now we have people from over 30 schools attending, but originally we had only representatives from 8 schools.

Next Strike

The next strike is on Friday 19th June. The theme this time is Air Pollution. Stay tuned today on our socials!

Find out more about our movement and what we plan to do! Also have a look at our achievements so far.

Find out more about our strikes! You can look at the previous strikes and find out more information on how they work.

Find out more about our deceleration and calling local schools, councils and the government to take specific action.

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