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Youth Strikes

Strike with us every month!

The school strikes raise awareness and put pressure on the government to take action. Awareness of climate change has increased exponentially since Greta Thunberg's starting of the YS4C movement. Times are so desperate that we as children are having to leave school for people to listen and take action. Each strike has a different theme and we send out information on our social media. Show your support by performing a speech, make a placard or any way you are comfortable with.

The strikes are created for children and youth to get involved in something we care about however parents, other movements/organisations and supporters are welcomed.

Currently we have been doing online strikes, each one with a different theme. For this we ask you to send in a photo for the collage to be posted on our social medias and here on the website. Speeches, songs and other artistic expressions are encouraged. More information for the next strike will be posted on this page. You can send any submissions to our email: We hope you enjoy and take part!

Next Strike

The next strike will be on October 22nd.

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