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Join the national YouthStrike4Climate on the 14th of February





The Cambridge Schools Eco Council has announced a strike on the theme of Australia Bush and Forest fires. Currently, the fires have caused more than 1 billion animal deaths. This is one of the many disasters caused by climate change urging young people to take action. On Valentine’s Day, we rise to show our love for the planet. These fires are catastrophic, if the fossil fuel industry is allowed to carry on burning fossil fuels at this rate these fires may become even more regular, many creatures will become extinct, and the people that live there will be in even more danger. We as Cambridge kids will be marching from Shire Hall to King’s Parade demanding a systematic change to the way we look at the human economy. Yes, we demand carbon neutrality, but we must also resolve the root of this massive problem. What we don’t want is to abuse another energy source in the same way we have abused fossil fuels, and to let our unsustainable greed cause damage to the earth all over again. We, as the Cambridge Schools Eco Council, would like to invite you to our Australian Forest Fires Climate Strike. It will be starting at Shire hall at 9:30 and are planning to march at 10:15, with a sit down a minute’s silence in the Grand Arcade. We will arrive at Kings Parade at 11:00.

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