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Feb 2021 Free Online Eco-Seminar Mini-Series for Students - Register Now!

Note: Children and youth participate with permission under supervision of parents/guardians from their homes.

Register here:

With the Voices of Future Generations Children's Initiative, the Eco-Council organised two free 60 min Webinars to raise awareness of environmental challenges and solutions.

Children, students, families and members of the public can register through Eventbrite and participate over Zoom, 4:30-5:30pm (UK time) on 17 February and 24 February.

Upcoming seminars:

Eco-Seminar 1: Saving our Streams and Rivers through Sustainable Water Management

Date: Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021

Focus: How can we better protect and sustainably manage our freshwaters?

Chairs: Nico Roman and Paloma Bargh


Child author speaker: Rehema Kibugi

Eco council speaker: Junayd

Experts: Ian Halls (Leader, Cambridge Friends of the Earth) and Fabiana Piccoli Araújo Santos (LLM Candidate at the University of Cambridge and co-founder of Itacaré Water Caring Project Brazil)

Eco-Seminar 2: Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles through Preventing Plastic Waste

Date: Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021

Focus: How can we better promote and practice more sustainable lifestyles at home?

Chairs: Nico Roman and Paloma Bargh


Child author speaker: Freya Tikva

Eco council speaker: Luana Fernandes Seixas

Experts: Emma Thomas (Co-founder and Director, Full Circle Zero Waste Retail, Ecologist) and Matthew Clemens (Manager, Cambridge Waitrose Grocery Store) tbc

See ya there! ;)

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