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Climate Songs and Poems

As many of you know, today is the second Cambridge Climate Strike Online so far, and some creative activists have shared their inspiring work with us!

First, we have a poem called "5 Minutes For Lunch" a spoken word piece by Zeenath Islam, which you can listen to here. Zeenath says:

"Let's respect nature. Living in this modern age this poem highlights the beauty, fragility and transitive elements around us in Cambridge."

Second, we have "Climate Change" by Dzvinka Teslenko, a poem raising awareness about the crisis and the impact of people:

Many are loosing their home Due to ice caps melting Flooding happening all over the wolrd Animals loosing thier habitats  But people are still ignoring 

People who don't want to bother People who think they don't have a voice Politicians blocking it out So help us Stand up for what's right On you own you might not have a voice But together we are strong Fight, keep fighting Fight for what's right Even if its a little thing Like turning off the light 'ping' Or reusing a plastic  bottle Can make a big difference if we all join in Especially we must care For all the people  Wh o can't afford a shelter Or people with illnesses  who might not know what's going on We must tell every  They must all know How our planet is in danger  And how it's heating up  We must find a way for it to stop But first we need everyone's attention  We need to work together  To reuse recycle and reduce  So please again  Before you throw away youre bottle Think about the effect it'll make Make it into something else before it's  final dep                                   

And last but not least, we have a song. `Written by Citrus George, and performed at the Cambridge 105 with Nick Skelton. Please listen below!

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