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Climate Message from an Indigenous Youth // Jan YS4C 2021

When I was adding the subtitles I realised the script I had was much longer than the video but I liked what was in the script so here is the script pre subtitle editing:

Hello my name is Adelyn Newman-Ting. My traditional name is Kesugilakwa. My Chinese name is Ding Lee-wen. On my father's side I am Kwakwaka'wakw and Coast Salish. On my mother’s side I am Chinese from Taiwan.

Today I am speaking to you from the traditional territory of the Lekwangun speaking people where I have the privilege of growing up. I am 9 years old and currently attending grade 4 at Oaklands Elementary.

I have a question for all the adults out there, did you learn all these things... like recycling... and climate change... when you were young like me? If you did, it was probably just for fun. I do this on a daily basis. It is just part of my life.

At my school, I have joined something called the Climate action club. I would like to say that I would not have been doing this if the 2 teachers at my school had not started it!!! (thanks Mrs. Liddell and Miss Muller) I am not doing it right now because of this pandemic but normally we meet on Monday during my lunch recess break.

There are many things we have to fix on this earth and here are kids giving up their lunch hour to fix what Adults have done.

These are some of the things I have learned so far:

1.Eat less Meat!

For my family that means Fishy Fridays and Meatless Mondays!

2.Eat Local!

For everyone like me living in Victoria eat things from local farms or start a garden and eat from there, unless you are on vacation somewhere, and are eating the food there. If you want it simple, something like, don’t eat pineapple unless it grows where you live. Indigenous people eat locally all the time!!! For example, we hunt and eat things like, salmon, clams, deer and moose. Although there are less animals to catch now that random people have started hunting them just for fun with their “fancy” gear.

3.Use all parts of Animals!

Some random people hunt them and just eat the meat or just to put their heads on a wall!!! This makes me angry to think about because it is wasteful. And not respectful to the animals!!! How would you like it if you were an animal and someone came along and killed you to put your head on the wall or ate your meat? In both my Chinese and Indigenous cultures, we try to use all parts of an animal.

For example, my Indigenous family uses Hide to make drums, Fur to make clothing, Meat to eat and dry to eat later, Hooves for rattles or to make noisey fringe on regalia, Horns of some animals to make spoons and other stuff like that. My Chinese family cooks all parts of an animal. I like tripe, and there is tendon that my dad likes, chicken’s feet that my mom likes, and pig intestine which my Gong gong (grampa) likes.

Most adults have grown up not thinking about all of these things, but I am growing up understanding how the decisions I make affect life on land for everyone. Hopefully, this means that me and all of the other kids will grow up to make better choices for everyone and this planet.

A couple of closing statements:

Don’t forget to Recycle properly!

Try to Eat less Meat!

Drive less!!! (especially if you have a gas car)

Spread the word to protect the planet!

and Eat local!


Xie Xie

Thank you for listening.

Hehmaas (that is everything)

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