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Climate Change's Effect On Communities // Jan YS4C

Sydnee hl way’

Wilps Ksim Xsaan w’il w’itgwiy’

Gitlaxt’aamiks wil jogay

I live in Northern British Columbia, New Aiyansh.

Climate Change is very important to me because it affects our nation's way of living. Climate change is a long-term change in the average weather pattern. Global warming is caused by humans, the increase of Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

The impact on indigenous communities, including mine is alarming. We do not have the resources to address the issues. Nisga people were once able to live off the lands.

Climate change is decreasing the amount of snow on our lands. It reduces the amount of runoff water from the snow packs on the mountains. This affects our fish and berries.

I have heard stories of my late Grandfather fishing and having enough to give to community members to ensure everyone has their winter supply. Today I see my dad fishing to provide for our family and others. This past year our food fishing was limited due to the decline in fish.

My grandparents shared with me that they were able to pick many different berries when they were younger. Today we have little to no berries to pick. Climate change is fluctuating our weather patterns and the berries are not able to survive.

If Climate change is not yet addressed my children and grand children will not know what it is like to fish or pick berries on our traditional lands.

Our people pass on traditional knowledge.

My knowledge now includes climate change.

I am Nisga’a and Haisla.

I am learning.

I am the solution to Stop Climate Change!

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