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Cambridge University accepts 6M donation from Shell

Absolutely outrageous. With a climate crisis unfolding right now University of Cambridge is still accepting millions from major fossil fuel companies. People all over the global south are dying because of the damage companies like Shell have done. We saw the Amazon and Arctic literally burn this summer, what is it going to take for the powerful in our globe to take the action needed? There is no one person responsible for the climate crisis we're facing. But we must admit that this country, especially the Cambridge University, have gained the privilege we have through exploitation of the world, be it through mass pollution, colonialism or consumerism. Currently the global south are experiencing one of the greatest crises of humanity and our future is a greater risk than ever before, that being the future of the children of Cambridge and of the children of the world. We must accept a lot of that blood lies on the hands of this country and the University of Cambridge. 

Tackling climate change will be a huge objective that will take a lot of effort and energy, but we can start with refusing to gain wealth from climate change. We know the University of Cambridge have the power to do great things, if they put their efforts into it they can develop technology that might save lives: (

It is for that reason that we, as Cambridge Citizens and Young People facing disaster, call of the University of Cambridge to divest from fossil fuel companies, tell the truth about climate change, invest in green technology and give back to the world and youth who's lives are at risk.

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